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Good aerator because it uses a bottom bubbler. However, during critical times wind may not be present.

                                              WILL MATCH ANY COMPETITORS ADS!

                                       Koenders Windmill

12 foot $1653.00
16 foot $1809.00
20 foot $1949.00
Deluxe Package $375.00 additional


Beckers Windmill

12 foot $2068.00
16 foot $2114.00
20 foot $2205.00
Deluxe Package Call for details


Air produced = [.5 to 1.5 CFM Koenders]  [2 to 5 CFM Beckers]

Deluxe windmill package is designed to increase the efficiency by providing a more constant CFM to a higher grade diffuser.

Windmill Components

  • TURBINE: The turbine consists of twelve blades, 65" in diameter, mounted on a horizontal shaft. They form a huge surface area, able to catch winds as low as 5 mph and still provide adequate aeration. That means performance in low wind conditions is improved. The blades are supported by a 17" center hub for superior strength.

  • TAIL: A larger surface area on the tail gives the Windmill better control in both high and low wind speeds. Operating effectiveness is improved. Rigid tail arms also help control the Windmill.

  • TOP MOUNTED COMPRESSOR: The compressor unit is positioned on top of the Windmill. This helps prevent dirt from getting into the valves. The result is a smoother running machine, increased longevity of the working components and easier access for service.

  • BUMPER TANK: The built-in bumper tank reduces strain on the compressor so it functions more easily and wears longer.

  • TOWER: Depending on wind accessibility and safety, you can choose between an 8', 12', 16' or 20' tower. The tower structure features cross bracing reinforcements. This design adds strength to the tower, regardless of the tower height. It also makes the tower more safe because kids are discouraged from climbing up the cross braces. At the base, a wider stance on the tower provides greater stability.

  • DRIVE ASSEMBLY: The drive assembly is completely enclosed to protect it from harsh outside elements. The simple system contains 5 common parts: a 1" crankshaft, three grease sealed ball bearings, a connecting rod, an 8" diaphragm, and two inserts. The head is connected through a rigid pivot tube at the top of the Windmill. Should they require servicing, the assembly is easy to get at and remove.

  • FINISH: Both the blade and tower of the Windmill are galvanized for protection in all weather conditions. The cylindrical shaped compressor is constructed of painted black metal.

Mechanics of the Windmill

The windmill is a direct drive energy transfer system that has no gears and few moving parts. The operation is efficient and easy to maintain. If you do have to replace a part, it will not be an all day job. The simplicity of the design is an added feature.

  • Wind strikes the blades, turning a crankshaft.

  • Offset, grease sealed ball bearings transfer power from the crankshaft to a connecting rod.

  • The connecting rod, attached to a diaphragm at the bottom end, acts like a piston to draw air into the system on the down stroke, and force it out into the hose on the upstroke. The 1/2" stroke produces 1.5 cubic feet of air per minute at 5 lbs. psi with a maximum pressure of 35 psi.

The pressurized air passes through the hose and is released in the bottom of the pond. A series of 3 check valves ensure a one way airflow through the system, and prevent water from returning back. The first valve on the diaphragm, allows air to enter the system. A second, on the top of the compressor, allows air to pass out of the system. A third, in the pond, releases air into the water.


Cut-in Wind Speed:  5m/h
Furling Wind Speed:  27 m/h
Maximum pressure is approximately  30 psi
Volume of air pumped is approximately 1.5 cu.ft./min. at 5 psi

OPTIONAL SEDIMENT BOWL: Due to moisture in the air, the compressors can have problems with water in the air lines. The Freeze Control has a 2 1/2 gal capacity plastic tank which acts like a condensing chamber and removes moisture from the air. It also helps provide a steady air pressure during gusty days making it a more efficient unit. The pressure relief valve will provide safety for the diaphragm pump by relieving air pressure if ice or a foreign object were to block the air line. A stainless steel pressure gauge is also included to allow user to get a feel for how the system is operating compared to the first day of installation.             Price  $250.00

OPTIONAL RUBBER MEMBRANE DIFFUSER: Ceramic Diffusers with their rough surface and non-uniformity air distribution encourage biogrowth which results in plugging and reduced oxygen transfer rates making it necessary to clean regularly. Rubber membrane diffuser however provides a smooth surface, uniform bubble distribution, and continuous flexing of the membrane eliminating buildup of biogrowth and assures a lifetime of efficient, maintenance free performance.             Price  $105.00


Koenders Windmills

Size Assembled Delivery of Assembly Installation
12 ft


$2.50/Loaded Mile $599.00
16 ft $380.00 $2.50/Loaded Mile $599.00
20 ft $460.00 $2.50/Loaded Mile $599.00


   Beckers Windmills

Size Assembled Delivery of Assembly Installation
12 ft


$2.50/Loaded Mile $633.00
16 ft $499.00 $2.50/Loaded Mile $673.00
20 ft $579.00 $2.50/Loaded Mile $712.00


The above prices are added to the standard package.  Added all columns that apply, to overall cost. Installation includes materials and additional tie down features for added safety in high winds. Delivery has a minimum charge of $50.00.