The natural, biological way to clean your pond.

Our special blend of bacteria are designed to:
  • Reduce sludge build-up
  • Improve water clarity
  • Eliminate excess nutrients

  • Eliminate pond odors
  • Control algae

  • Reduce Oxygen demand

Pond Maid is a proprietary blend of specialized bacteria, formulated specifically for the task of lake and pond maintenance.  Pond Maid contains specialized bacterial strains as well as other necessary ingredients needed to support these bacterial strains in a lake or pond setting.  Our unique blend of bacteria accomplishes a number of very specific tasks.  Certain bacterial strains specialize in the removing of excess ammonia, nitrates and phosphorus from the water.  These excess nutrients, if not removed, can stimulate algae and other nuisance aquatic growth.  Other strains focus on clarifying the murky water caused from animal and plant wastes, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the odors stemming from those wastes.  Other strains target reducing the build-up of sludge on the bottom of lakes and ponds.

Pond Maid bacteria has a major advantage over similar bacteria products on the market – it works in water temperatures above 55 degrees instead of 65 – 70 degrees that other bacteria strains need.  This allows for use earlier in the spring, later into the fall and allows for use in ponds that stay colder then 65 degrees.

Ornamental Ponds
Call for assistance if necessary to determine amounts needed.
Use 1 oz. bacteria for every 600 gallons of water.  (For heavy buildup use 1 oz. bag per 400 gallons.)  Use once per week. Bacteria can be used in any depth pond.  If your pond is deeper than 10' (5' average depth) you do not need to calculate the depth that is beyond 10' as the bacteria stays near the bottom.



Initial Dose:  Six 8 oz. bags per acre ft. of water.

Maintenance Dose:  4 bags per acre ft. every 2 weeks.

  1. Calculate acre ft. of water.  Multiple: length x width x 1/2 depth (5' max.) / 43,560 = acre ft. of water
  2. Multiply acre ft. x 6 bags initial dose.  Multiply acre ft. x 4 bags every 2 weeks.
Example pond: 100' x 130' x 10' deep.
  1. Multiply 100 x 130 x 5 (1/2 of depth) / 43,560 = 1.5 acre ft
  2. Multiply acre ft. x initial dose: 1.5 (acre ft.) x 6 (initial dose) = 9 bags needed for initial dose.
  3. Multiply acre ft. x maintenance dose: 1.5 (acre ft.) x 4 (maintenance dose) = 6 bags needed for maintenance treatments.
Part # Description
PB 1 1 oz. bags, 6 per package
PB 8 8 oz. bags, individually packed
PB 25 25 lb. pail bulk bacteria

"The combination of aeration and bacteria treatment has cleaned up our odor problems and has reduced the organic build-up even faster than we had expected"

John Ruby, Waster Water
Treatment Facility Manager,
Gerber Baby Foods

"This bacteria has helped clean our ponds and reduced our weed and algae growth significantly"

Bub Hall, Owner Barothy Lodge,
Walhalla, MI

"We have used this bacteria to enhance the aquatic food chain (to promote fish growth) and to remove organic sediment and noxious odors in our customers ponds.  This bacteria is successful in both areas of management"

Larry Belusz, Owner Aquatic Pond Management Company